Beautiful Spaces

Having had 10 years experience, developing, and shaping the aesthetics and design of school buildings, Beautiful Education can off all the advice and support you need to make your setting a beautiful place to spend time in and to learn.

Whether it is installing bespoke wall art or advising on colour schemes and layout, Beautiful Education can help. We can simply offer advice, or we can project manage whole schemes of work.

With our vast experience of managing schools, we are not only able to make your spaces look exceptional, but we can also ensure it has an impact. Whether that is demonstrating a clear link to your curriculum, encouraging children to read, or supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your pupils and staff.

We can also bring all the benefits of the outdoors, inside by helping you create simple but impactful ‘biophilic’ spaces. We draw on all the research of how these spaces can improve mental wellbeing, air quality and brain function.