Education Consultancy for Leadership, Curriculum, and the Environment

Beautiful Education brings together wide experience in educational leadership, the creative arts, curriculum enhancement and environmental design to offer an all-round service to make every part of your provision beautiful.

Building on 25 years experience in Primary Education, including 12 years in headship and executive headship, Beautiful Education is able to support all aspects of your vision and aims helping you to enhance your team, your curriculum, your building and your environment.

We work collaboratively with educational experts, renowned artists and designers, environmental advocates, and businesses in order to provide a cohesive and purposeful experience.

Our aim is to help schools, colleges, and other providers to be less ordinary whilst meeting all the many expectations and objectives required in the 21st century.

We are passionate about helping you make your setting a special place for all learners, staff, families, and community members.

Why? Because education is, and always should be, a beautiful thing.